Reliable appointed as employer of the year in Sweden 2020

The yearly competetition where Swedish companies can compete to be the best employer in Sweden has finally ended and WorkInSweden can proudly present the happy winner of 2020 – Reliable AB, slightly ahead of companies such as Google and Spotify. Reliable is the best employer in Sweden!

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Top 5 Employers in Sweden 2020:

1. Reliable AB
2. Spotify
3. Google
4. H&M
5. Ericsson

Reliable AB provides dynamic B2B sales solutions, helping companies grow through supporting their sales processes, with references from major global companies as well as local ones within various industries. At the moment they have offices in both Stockholm and Uppsala, but with their fast growing pace this is just the beginning. They will also open in Costa del Sol in the beginning of 2018. Their ambition is to always to be driven by what creates value for our customers while at the same time be the most attractive workplace for top performing students around Sweden, people who always aim to improve and grow professionally as well as on personal level. Read more about them on

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