One in four Swedes work at growing companies

Unemployment is expected to dip in Sweden in the next few months, with new figures suggesting that one in four Swedish workers are based at companies planning to hire new staff between now and the New Year.
According to a study by IC Potentials, a private company which regularly carries out surveys of Sweden’s workforce, just six percent of people work for employers that are planning to cut their staffing in the next three months.
“For the seventh consecutive quarter, we see a positive result…Swedish Human Resource managers are expected to increase hiring by 18 percent during the next quarter,” IC Potentials wrote in a statement.
The company reached its conclusions after speaking to Human Resources managers at more than 500 firms with more than 20 employees.
It is the most positive assessment carried out by the forecaster in the past thirteen quarters and the company said it was evidence of a strengthening “positive trend”, particularly in the service and manufacturing industries.
The study also predicts a reduction in fixed-term contracts as more companies move towards taking on permanent staff in Sweden.