Key Account Manager (KAM)

The KAM is the designated Contact Person between IDTM and NADA (The German National Anti-Doping Association). The KAM can also largely contribute to, or be assigned to lead, other projects parallel to the main KAM function.


The KAM takes an overall responsibility for client satisfaction, trouble shooting and delivery. The KAM ensures that the Client Orders are incorporated into IDTM’s internal procedures, and that they can be performed in accordance with the clients’ request (including any specific guidelines, whereabouts information, time period, type of test, number of tests, athletes, special instructions etc.). KAM is responsible for ensuring that the administration of the tests are registered, completed and reported according to IDTM’s and NADAs procedures.


The KAM has an excellent understanding of how the internal work at Operations Department functions, as well as the interactions between external parties and subcontractors such as couriers, laboratories, material suppliers, etc. The KAM reports to the Operations Manager (OM).


Main responsibilities:

  • Communication and implementation/maintenance of IDTM’s key client in Germany
  • Planning/managing/registering strategic parts of the Key Clients’ anti-doping programme
  • Ensuring that all IDTM’s clients’ programs are properly managed and reported in ADAMS/ODIN as well as any specific client reports
  • Completing the testing activities for IDTM’s clients
  • Structuring the annual report to Key Clients the Client to be approved by the OM
  • Communication with DCOs, subcontractors and client
  • DCO budget and invoice follow-up and monitoring
  • Defining areas that could be improved in order to be more cost and time efficient and report such areas to the OM (this includes a review of the errors/non-conformities in order to see where IDTM should take corrective action and make changes in our procedures and/or ISO system)
  • Ensuring that DCO applicants get appropriate in-field experience and that they are certified as soon as practically possible
  • DCO Quality Control including non-conformities
  • Development/Implementation of new products/procedures in agreement with the OM
  • Reporting any discrepancies or problems within the Operations Department to the OM
  • Cooperating with colleagues to ensure a smooth operations and a high working standard, including alerting the management of any issues preventing such working environment
  • Conduct him/herself with integrity and in a polite and professional manner in all situations where he/she is acting on behalf on, or can be associated with, IDTM AB



  • Good administrator
  • Fluent in both oral and written German
  • Oral and written skills in English preferable
  • Exceptionally strong organizational and communication skills
  • Problem solver and being able to handle stressful situations
  • Team player


Please send your CV and resume to recruitment@idtm.se – closing date is 30th April 2015.