idioma specializes in technical documentation. We handle translation, layout work and printing projects mainly for our Japanese clients, also where our head office is.
We are looking for language editors to join our international teams. You will work with proofreading, editing and eventually translation of text into your native language.
Work is very flexible and can be a good source of income for those with extra time on their hands.

Type of Work
We prepare and publish texts in multiple languages for e.g. operating instructions supplied with TVs, stereos, refrigerators, air conditioners, cameras, cars, etc., product leaflets, promotional brochures, company web sites, etc.

Language editors work with:

  • Proofreading – Read and correct documents translated by others
  • Editing – Review and amend incomplete texts to make a final document
  • Translation – Translate from one language into another (your mother tongue)

Flexible Work
Work is on a freelance basis. You work at home on your PC with standard MS Office applications. You decide if you want to accept and decline assignments. Earn anywhere from 200 euro to 2,000 euro per month depending on your availability.

Languages Required
We are looking for language editors to work with their native language. If you master more than one language, this is a valuable asset. Good knowledge of English is required.

Please apply at www.work4idioma.com. Be sure to indicate the languages you master, your native language and attach a short resume in English together with your application.

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